If you’ve ever traversed empty, quiet streets in the nighttime, I’m sure you found a sense of loneliness and perhaps an intimacy that’s a little off-putting. These feelings are captured well with the latest from Norway’s established heavy/progressive music outfit Into the Woods…

Not only are we premiering a great track from them today, but we bring details of their new album, titled Cease the Day! It comes out November 23 via Debemur Morti Productions and it looks to contend with the top offerings that we’ve had in 2018 so far. Without further ado, here is the first single from Cease the Day called “Empty Streets”!

Listen to how towering of a sound is crafted in just nine minutes! That may seem like an adequate amount of time, but what is accomplished here in nine minutes usually isn’t captured by bands throughout entire projects. “Empty Streets” is a multi-faceted beast that defies definition, which is wonderful for listening purposes, but admittedly a little difficult to write about.

The song moves seamlessly from section to section, indulging delicate sensibilities by building atmosphere, and tickling your primal itch with fervent displays of calculated aggression. It’s brooding and haunting. Nothing overstays its welcome, everything is as it should be. A beautifully dynamic and poetic track.

This is only the first track from Cease the Day. It promises to be quite the journey as this album was written over the last two years, a tumultuous period in the band’s long life. I can only imagine what other audible treats lie within the album’s eight songs, the titles of which you can see right here along with the album art:

1. Empty Streets
2. Substance Vortex
3. Respect My Solitude
4. Cloud Seeder
5. Still Yearning
6. Strike Up with the Dawn
7. Transcending Yesterdays
8. Cease the Day

If you ache for more information, you’d do well to follow Into the Woods… on Facebook. Pre-order Cease the Day from Debemur Morti Productionswebstore. It releases soon on November 23, so act now!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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