Plum Green is an enigmatic Australian act that has been releasing music since 2012. Self-described as ‘atmospheric dream folk’, this artist is preparing for the release of their long-awaited sophomore record, Somnambulistic. The album is out September 17 through Nefarious Industries. We are proud to premiere the music video for the final single leading up to the album, “Walk Against the Wind”.

I have listened to Sombambulistic in its entirety (review coming soon); “Walk Against the Wind” captures many of the elements that make the record as enjoyable as it is. Plum Green employs haunting melodies, gentle acoustic instrumentation, and cinematic sound design to create a song that is both eerie and emotive. The artist describes the track as ‘… a serenade of gentle courage and resilience for those making a difficult decision…‘ With lyrics like ‘On our hands and knees we crawl/He drags my feet/I slide on blankets/Slipping, stumbling/But I know we have to go‘, the listener understands what decision needs to be made and why it can be so challenging. The emotional core of this song is furthered by the mysterious and symbolic accompanying music video. Check it out below!

Showing a central character struggling through a desert journey, we see the title of the song evoked visually. With its desert setting, the video furthers the impact of the minimalist arrangement of the track in communicating a sense of isolation and reflection.

If “Walk Against the Wind” takes you on the same journey it took me, I’d highly recommend checking out this link to buy music and merchandise from Plum Green.  You can pre-order Sombambulistic on Bandcamp here. Spotify will deliver the album music to your ears right here. Stay on top of the act’s updates through Instagram and Facebook.

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