Do you already know any Cretan bands? Now you know! Obzerv from Rethymno was formed in 2011 and released their self-titled debut album in 2014 via Trailblazer Records. Now, five years later, the band is about to release their new epos Acherontia atropos, from which the band already released two singles. Here is another one:

Rhythmical metal sound

The new single “Apex Predator” is based on a very melodic riff that sounds slightly melo-death influenced. The riff is surrounded by blast beats and a chugging bridge that instantly reminds of bands like Textures. “Apex Predator” is rather limited in its elements, but cleverly and effectively uses them to bring in a cohesive and interesting structure. The intriguing melody work turns out to be the heart of the song, and the compelling time signature changes around two minutes in the song make for a fascinating rhythmical experience.

Acherontia atropos is also known as the African-death’s-head hawkmoth, named due to a skull on his thorax. The album was recorded by Giannis Leledakis at 8 Production Studio and mixed by the band’s guitarist John Mor, while the mastering was done by Mike Kalajian, who already worked with bands like Machine Head and Papa Roach. The overall sound of “Apex Predator” is fat and lush, while clearly guitar-centered. Every instrument is clearly audible, while the overall production defines astringent early 2000 metal-sound.

The tracklist of Acherontia Atropos is the following:

1. That Defining Moment
2. Apex Predator
3. Mother Nature Is A Serial Killer
4. Agitated
5. Overthrown
6. Thought And Voice
7. Desensitise
8. Stage Crysalis
9. Plot Twist

Make sure to follow Obzerv on their social media channels (Facebook | Instagram) and get your hands on Acherontia Atropos via Bandcamp!

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