Leave the lights off for this one. Everything Is Noise is proud to bring you a slick new video by Mey that is dark in every respect. This lovely video is for the new song, “Spiky Love”, and it sets the mood perfectly with its controlled colors and strong shadows. Lyrically, the song addresses self-destructive behaviors and romance that has gone awry, all layered over a tasteful pop track that leans into trip-hop from time to time. Check out the video below!

Of the song and video Mey had the following to say:

‘”Spiky Love“ is about desire. It is about the most common human tension: between need and desire. And about having a strong desire for something that you know is wrong for you and destructive. Still, being aware of it and pointing out this paradox, while accepting it. In this song I’m trying to explore my own destructive impulsions, to let them out, and to make something beautiful out of it.’

“Spiky Love” is from the forthcoming EP, With The Lights Off, which is due out April 5 digitally and on all streaming platforms. If the rest of the EP is in line with the catchiness and quality of this song, you better believe that I’ll be listening on day one!  Be sure to follow Mey on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest news and information on the upcoming EP and more!

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