Nearly a year ago, the Swiss instrumental quad Killbody Tuning gave us a stunningly epic release with their third studio album thoughtfully titled Pictorial. Nothing short of epic, this work takes the listener on an exhilarating saga of contemplative, albeit slightly dark-feeling soundscapes. This album takes ambient rock and metal to a different realm, calling into question the conventionality of how unconventional the genre tends to be, and kicks it up ten notches. As a seasoned fan of such music myself, I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between the various artists within it. Though it is always enjoyable and dream-inducing to listen to, occasionally it all blends in. That being said, Pictorial does quite the opposite.

Today, we’re giving you the premiere of the accompanying video for the final track off Pictorial: “Our Milky Way”. If you are not yet familiar with Killbody Tuning, then consider this video a visual interpretation of what the film score aficionados are all about. Directed, shot, and edited by Camille De Prieto, this ocular art piece features a black-and-white color scheme and depicts young children exploring through the doors of an old, wooden mansion, and we watch as satisfyingly odd scenes of nature and extreme close-ups on strangers’ faces arise as they peer behind each one. “Our Milky Way” on its own evokes a looming sensation of uncertainty as it ebbs and builds through the whole song, so the added eeriness of this video creates a beautifully outlandish and altogether intriguing mixture of how alluring ambient metal can be. You can get lost in the video down below:

I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did, and allowed yourself to bask in it all at once. Killbody Tuning create works of art for the mind, and we can only hope we get more videos, and more music, from them very soon. Make sure to catch up and keep up with Killbody Tuning by checking out their Bandcamp, and stay up-to-date on future events and news by following their Facebook and Instagram.

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