The wellspring of jazz has once again proven just how infinite it truly is. Swirling within the depths of this well, complete with danceable club beats, international percussive flair, and the formless structure that is traditional jazz, is Still Moving. Comprised of Nat Philipps on saxophone, Pike Ogilvy on drums, and Sam Bates on synthesisers and drum machines, this collective stand confidently on the bridge between tradition and experimentation. We are proud to premiere the stunning video for their brand new song, “Sharp Arts”.

This piece effortlessly flows from subtle and atmospheric to full-on noir assault during its seven-minute runtime. The choreography within the video is captivating, making for one of the most cohesive and interesting premieres that we have had the pleasure of presenting. It’s difficult to take your eyes off of the video once it starts, so only click on the link below if you can afford to devote all of your attention to it.

“Sharp Arts” is taken from their forthcoming self-titled EP and will include a total of four tracks to digest. If the rest of the EP is as engrossing as this, it should make for an intensely grand listening experience when it releases on November 15. If you’re keen to pre-order the album (and you should be), you can already reserve both digital and physical editions via Still Moving’s Bandcamp page. Everything Is Noise was formed on the idea that good music shouldn’t be needlessly siloed into genres, and Still Moving embody this idea to their core. I personally can’t wait to check out the EP when it arrives next month. You should too.

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