It’s been real rainy and cloudy lately in Colorado, joining a brisk breeze to help the growingly warm weather be a bit more comfortable. I look toward the mountains from my busy city environment and wonder what else is out there. What am I missing out on? Am I missing out? I don’t deal with FOMO often, and when I do, it’s so fleeting that it hardly warrants an acknowledgement. This is something I think our artist of focus, Jens Carelius, understands as well.

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another rousing premiere here at Everything Is Noise. Today, we’re happy to host a new song from Jens Carelius, a thoughtful pop musician hailing from Oslo, Norway. It’s called “All I Know” and it comes from his upcoming album Opsi which comes out on September 13 via Jansen Records. You can check the track out right here:

This is something that really resonates with me. The progressions and gentle nature of “All I Know” give off a pensive vibe, as if made for introspective thought and personal reconciliation. Colorful synths sweep up and down the mix, crispy drums march a beat directly into your ears, and Carelius‘ kind cadence dances eloquently behind it. The song itself is about the meaning we search for in life, artificial and real, and how that search drives us forward through our years. This mirrors the overall concept of Opsi, at least in part, which is named after Carelius‘ great-great-grandfather.

An entomologist by trade, Opsi, real name Fritz Doerries, lived a long and fruitful life, trekking to Eastern Siberia, traveling Japan by foot, encountering all facets of life from the beautifully humbling to the uncompromisingly hostile. I’ll let him explain: ‘The song starts with the clicking of a clock, as I wanted Opsi’s life and his own search to echo how we all live today, which is a totally different world than his. Opsi spent most of his life searching for something unknown and unseen. Never for the fame of it, purely driven by his genuine love for nature and wildlife.’

This is a frightfully specific tone to nail, but I feel Carelius emulates it in an accurate and satisfactory way with his music. It’s music like this that excites me because, not only do I identify with it on a raw level, but it comes at a time when I relate to the themes and intentions so much that it enriches my own thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. Although “All I Know” is quick to remind us, realistically, that no matter what path we take and what we search for, it could all be gone tomorrow, I believe this shouldn’t be viewed as a deterrent. It should be as an encouragement to search for what we want out of life and cherish it while we can – don’t wait until it’s too late. Maybe this could be the thing that pushes me out of my comfort zone, to see if I am really missing out on anything. Maybe there’s a little Opsi in us all.

If you like what you heard, you’d do well to follow Jens Carelius on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp where you can hear other works by him, including recent single “Lay Me Down” which is also pretty stellar. Look out for Opsi on September 13 coming at you from Jansen Records!

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