At long last, Jennah Barry has returned. And Everything Is Noise is honored to have the premiere of her brand new song, “Roller Disco”.

Barry became a something of a cult figure in her coastal home of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, after the 2012 release of her debut album Young Men. Her musical blend of country, soft rock, and folk earned her steady acclaim and a loving band of followers. Six years on, her new upcoming material is set to project her into the realms of success once more, and deservedly so.

“Roller Disco” is a breezy yet triumphant piece of music which immediately conjures up the finest nuances of laid-back country music. As one would expect, Barry’s voice is stunning. But one must also marvel at the music’s ability to operate with equal smoothness, from the dainty acoustic guitar to the soft strings and the dreamy xylophones. The song evokes feelings of optimism and intensity in perfectly balanced proportions. Do not miss this!

Jennah Barry describes “Roller Disco” as being about feeding your own sadness for someone, or being blue for so long that you (almost) start liking the feeling. Whether you have extrapolated happiness or sadness from this song, you would be hard-pressed to deny its overall beauty.

The official “Roller Disco” single will be released November 23 via Forward Music Group. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Barry’s full-length second album, which somewhere at the horizon.

You can hear Jennah Barry’s previous work on her Bandcamp page and official website. For news and other info, visit her Facebook page.

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