ISUA are a band that sprung onto the scene with wide acclaim and plenty of appeal with their EP, I, in 2021. Now returning to release their debut album in due time, as an audio equivalent to, perhaps, a welcoming party – the Melbourne, Australia based grindy doomers grace our ears with an incendiary track, “Life’s Worth”! A 6-minute whirlwind descending straight into the depths of hell, this is a track that will get you stoked for your own demise!

CRUCIBLE have recognized and well supported the hard work and passion seen and heard within ISUA’s music, as the signees show absolutely no lack of raw power in “Life’s Worth”, bending the airwaves with a strong drum and bass riff intro as the guitars ring their way into the mix. The dark, muddy grit of the tone to the instruments ironically keep the fire bright, as the groove is topped off with shrill, diaphragmatic screams. The groove eventually tones down only for a relatively brief moment during the middle portion of the song, where we’re treated to an entrancing guitar solo that paves way for a punchier, fist-balling riff that is sure to turn your footsteps into stomps as you try your hardest not to start a pit on the public transit ride back home from work with this track in your ear. Maybe you’ll keep your cool, maybe you’ll give into the song – regardless of whether or not you get banned from riding the bus, trolly, or subway – ISUA’s soundtrack to the opening of hell’s gates remains a quality manifestation of the band’s prowess.

Without losing touch with their roots in incendiary, grinding-doom, “Life’s Worth” presents an expanse of emotional maturity, spaciousness, melody and mindful execution for a band, seemingly many more than two years into their incarnation. Recorded live, capturing each heavy breath and hulking movement of the colossal beast that is ISUA.

Indeed, the dynamic within “Life’s Worth” is much unlike the traditional tropes of doom-centric metal music. We get the grooves, the almost marching-like rhythm, and sludgier tone to the guitars usually seen in bands that identify as doom, but alongside this is a sense of melody, atmosphere, and blending that push their envelope of standing out. Cutting through the noise in style, the song features the careful audio treating of the likes of Mike Deslandes behind engineering and mixing, as well as Dave Byrne of Iridium Audio on the mastering. The result is a live-recorded sculpture of fine-tuned metal music that is sure to set the mood and anticipations for the rest of the debut once it releases.

We will have to wait until June to be granted the keys and access to ISUA’s full-length, proverbial corner of hell. But until then, keep streaming and tantalizing your nervous system with “Life’s Worth” as an appetizer to the main course! Follow ISUA via their Bandcamp, Facebook, or Instagram to stay tuned and updated. Garnering traction of this caliber within only a few years of existence is almost never easy, but the stampede that is ISUA rolls on nonetheless, and absolutely demand your eyes and ears to follow closely.



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