The premiere train is rolling right along! Today, we’re pleased to bring you fresh noise from Hell And High Water. Hailing from Hamburg, this trio are classically trained in fuzzy riffs and catchy choruses. “War” is taken from their forthcoming LP Neon Globe, and captures the essence of the band’s approach across its near five-minute runtime. Check out the song and new video below!

Catchy, right? There are plenty of influences at play in this song, from classic rock from the 70’s and the indie rock vibe from the 90’s. What stuck out the most to my ear when listening to “War” is the vocal approach. There are certainly evocations of Neil Young, but this style layered on the indie and alt-rock vibes make for a unique and interesting listen to be sure! The video itself is a mix of in-studio performance, stock war footage and a little bit of travel, all of which match the motion and energy of the track. Hell And High Water are showing that they’re a capable act, and I can’t wait to give Neon Globe an entire listen through once it drops on November 2! If you want to check out the band’s previous EP, Bird, head on over to Bandcamp and snag yourself a copy!

The band had the following to say about “War”:

This song is about us. People who have got more than they need, but who keep complaining about everyday life. It’s about love on one hand and war on the other – but sometimes all we need is a good song. A song that we can dance, sing and shout to. Instead we manage to do the same mistakes over and over again.
The short clips in the chorus show contents from our history, culture and our ways of living (and dying). The video also shows the band on their road trip to the studio (Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg). The tension of the video is released by positiveness. Love wins over war.’

For more information, news, tour dates, and pre-order details, give them a like and a follow over on Facebook and swing through their official site!

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