I’m not sure if it’s apparent at this point or not, but we love all kinds of music here at Everything Is Noise. It is always a treat when we get to premiere and share a beautiful new tune with you, and today is certainly no exception! Italian shoegaze prospects Sacramento deliver a stunning gem, just for your listening pleasure. “Lido” is the last single from their much anticipated debut of the same name. Get a cool drink, kick back in your favorite comfy chair, and get ready for some vibes.

“Lido” is a smooth and sultry shoegaze jam, sprinkled with 80s synth-pop vibes. It is a slow burner for sure, taking its sweet time as the slow, sexy melodies encompass you. The vocals are airy, rising above the moodier instruments to create a sort of dichotomy between them. They dance a dance that dares not get too close, but is so tantalizingly intertwined in the same breath. I really enjoy this song, and this premiere got me incredibly interested to hear more from Sacramento.

The video for the track is really minimalistic but charming, fitting the vibes “Lido” creates perfectly. Like the song itself, it shows that there is an effect beautiful simplicity can have on making something feel much more grand. Regarding the video, director Tania Feghali describes the inception of it perfectly:

The romantic and carefree mood of “Lido” made me immediately think of the images of a video that I shot at my home in Paris on a spring afternoon, while it was pouring and Iris and I were getting ready to go out. The video has a DIY approach, it’s intimate but at the same time ironic and easygoing just like the track.

I wanted to sneak into the world of a girl who is getting ready to go out with a certain rituality, in her dreamlike, vaporous imagination that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“Lido” is taken from the album of the same name, which will be released this Friday, on May 10, through La Tempesta International. Be sure to check it out; this track alone guarantees I’ll be giving it a spin. You can follow Sacramento on both Facebook and Instagram if you want to keep up to date with them, or congratulate them on Lido.

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