As a wise man once asked, you like jazz? Also, do you like your jazz with some extra spice to it? A little bit of synths on the side? If so, electronic/jazz duo Million Square has something very interesting to share with you. Ahead of the launch day for their brand new EP Fantasy Grounds, we are happy to premiere a live studio performance for the EP’s latest single, “Nibelheim”!

Million Square is equal parts electronica and jazz, as chill as it is trippy. Expertly combining somber and entrancing electronic beats and synths to the inherent beauty and charm of saxophone, the UK duo manage to capture the best of both worlds and create a sound that is both futuristic and somehow nostalgic at the same time. This is truly unique music, and “Nibelheim” is a great taste of the full piece to come with Fantasy Grounds.

The initial synths carry a charming 8-bit flair to them, and watching the sax come in transforms it into something else entirely. There’s just something special about seeing a live performance for more experimental, somewhat introspective music. Watching it take shape and unfold before your eyes brings a whole new appreciation to it, as it allows you to take in the solid musicianship and real feeling behind the song, and you can tell Million Square share a very special kind of synergy with each other. It’s almost like they are playing different songs at the same time that just so happen to perfectly intertwine with each other and work together as a whole.

You can stream the entirety of Fantasy Grounds when it hits the world on July 28th via Lo Recordings, and also get yourself a physical or digital copy via the duo’s Bandcamp. Also, keep tabs on their Instagram so you can stay up to date to any news!

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