Gentle drops of rain fall against a warm, sunny sky. Each drop is a step in a dance of water and light, building in pace but remaining beautiful and calm. If such an experience is vivid enough to picture, picture the perfect accompanying soundtrack – piano keys complementing each falling raindrop. Today’s premiere is the score to this scene. We are proud to premiere “You & I” by Cécile Seraud and the accompanying music video. The Lorient, France musician studied classical guitar for decades before focusing on piano for eight years, and her mastery of music is evident with today’s premiere.

The poetic description Cécile Seraud provides for this video might not be what came to mind for me, but feels complementary all the same:

‘Green girls, glittering promises exchanged under the bright light of the sun playing with the sea…Heart to heart of looks held in the intense, towards a mature love, towards a sure love, magnetized by the strength of wounds relentlessly overcome.
To see each other, to dance the elegance of their naked truth.’

This neoclassical piano piece is gentle, yet dynamic, and its development is echoed in the music video, with rays of light overlayed with Seraud’s hands performing the piece, as well as cuts that evoke recordings of family movies. This mix of images conveys the comfort and care that the music captures. Listening to this track, it sets beautifully alongside neoclassical contemporaries like Christopher John or Oscar Kowalski, using restraint and melodic choices to create an emotive instrumental journey for the listener.

“You & I” is a single off of Xaos, an album three years in the making that will arrive on November 17.  Xaos follows Seraud’s 2020 debut, SHODEN. Pre-orders are available on Bandcamp. You can follow Cècile Seraud on YouTube and Facebook.

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