Music and technology, like any art, have a fascinating and interconnected relationship. As technology changes, so too does the way music is made and consumed. Camilla Sparksss is a Swiss Canadian experimental pop songwriter and visual artist whose upcoming record, Lullabies, directly comments on this relationship. The album, to be released November 24, 2023 via On The Camper Records, uses minimal and analog instrumentation to provide a respite from our contemporary reliance on technology: ‘In an era of digital overload this album had to be purely analogue; physical and authentic. An album that people could experience in a natural environment, without having to look at a screen.’

We are proud to premiere a single from this upcoming collection of tracks by Camilla Sparksss. “My Way My Love”, like all songs on Lullabies, was entirely composed on the Mellotron, an instrument invented in the 60s that helped define some of the sonic landscape of that era.

“My Way My Love” uses the instrument to simple and powerful effect to craft a nostalgic, relaxing landscape of plucks, horns, choirs, and wind instruments. This lush atmosphere is a perfect bed for Sparksss’ voice to sit, combining spoken word and singing to complement the track’s vulnerable lyrics. Camilla Sparksss explains, ‘”My Way My Love Is” the picture of a moment in life. With all of its joy, sadness and absurdity. It’s about existing and vanishing, being present while not being there at all. A complex story told in all simplicity.’

The intimacy of the arrangement of “My Way My Love” is matched by the stark yet emotive accompanying music video. Featuring a one-shot scene of an unfolding chess game played upon the lap of a third person, its connection to the lyrics prompts reflection while feeling ideally suited to the track.

You can pre-order the upcoming Camilla Sparksss record from On The Camper Records here and learn more about her artistry here. You can keep up with Sparksss on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo credit to Miriam Vile

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