September 2023, here we go. September is usually one of the strongests months in terms of releases – the peak of the fall cycle, a lot of high-profile things are coming out. For me, that means – so much good stuff to pick from. I really try to keep thoses lists digestable, but yeah – September.

Slowdive – everything is alive

September 1 // Dead Oceans

Starting out back in 1989 and shaping the UK shoegaze scene significantly, Slowdive return with their fifth album – still fantastic, still relevant.

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Sprain – The Lamb As Effigy

September 1 // The Flenser

Hey, listen to Sprain‘ is a very common phrase among our team these days. Primarily, it is used by me to spread the word about how fucking brilliant this fucking album is – much to the annoyance of my fellow humans on the EIN team. Nevertheless, this is probably one of the best albums of the year, channeling Chat Pile, noise, and post-punk in a captivacting manner. Hey, listen to Sprain.

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Puma Blue – Holy Waters

September 1 // PIAS

I’ve been following Puma Blue for a while, always appreciating his promising material – but I was never full convinced. With Holy Waters, Puma Blue reached a new level of sound and songwriting which puts the project on the map of modern arty r&b.

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Empire State Bastard – Rivers of Heresy

September 1 // Roadrunner Recods

Supergroups are a complicated thing – although, I featured a bunch of them in THE NOISE OF. When a supergroup includes Mike Vennart of Oceansize, a big Oceansize fanboy like will tremble a bit. I also like Biffy Clyro. Checks out.


The Mercury Tree – Self Similar

September 7 // Independent

A couple years ago, I had the really snobby idea of running a feature about ‘real prog’ – highlighting prog bands which really go by the term, pushing the genre in new and experimental direction. The idea never came too life (thank god), but I still hold those bands which inspired me to do that in the first place in high regard. One of them was microtonal prog outfit The Mercury Tree, who lost nothing of their magic on their new album Self Similar.

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Matthew Halsall – An Ever Changing View

September 8 // Gondwana Records

Next to running one of the best jazz labels around with Gondwana Records, Matthew Halsall is also extremely busy with being a fantastic jazz musician himself. After the release of A Salute To The Sun, one of the best jazz albums of recent years, Halsall returns with yet another intricate, beautifully layered, and warm piece of art, An Ever Changing View.

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Irreversible Entanglements – Protect Your Light

September 8 // Impulse

At this point, I’m a legit Camae Ayewa fanboy. Be it Moor Mother, Black Quantum Futurism, or Irreversible Entanglements – I take it all, because it’s fucking amazing. So my excitement over a new Irreversible Entanglements is immeasurable, and my day is elevated.


Yussef Dayes – Black Classical Music

September 8 // Brownswood Recordings

He got the best out of Tom Misch, and he got the best out of me – Yussef Dayes was due for a solo album, and the wait was soooo worth it.

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Oavette – Oavette

September 13 // Tokei Records

Already loved their EP’s and that they are basically the Japanese version of Dawn Of Midi. Really cool, modular synth-inspired grooves with your typical Japanese perfectionism. Some of the finest math rock albums of the year.

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Fieh – III

September 15 // Jansen Records

Maybe not a record which has a ton of longevity, but similar to their previous albums, wonderfully smooth and catchy. Stylistically, the band is progressing a bit away from the souly roots, more towards a modern, artsy pop sound – and I dig this.

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Alkaloid – Numen

September 15 // Season Of Mist

One of the very best prog death projects around is back. Alkaloid convinced with their true approach to prog rock within their razorsharp death metal sound, and manage to balance and merge both worlds like no others. For me personally, Numen doesn’t quite reach the intensity of The Malkuth Grimoire and Liquid Anatomy, but it still rules prog death in 2023.

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Field Of Fear – Beyond the Reach of Light

September 15 // Whited Sepulchre Records

To hit the sweet spot in drone/noise is a difficult task. There are tons of projects (since everyone with a laptop and a ripped DAW can throw some drones together) out there, mostly on a huge spectrum of meh. Beyond the Reach of Light shows what this music is capable of if you really understand how it works. Simply stunning.


Louis Jucker & Le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain – Suitcase Suite

September 15 // Humus Records

Quoted from Bandcamp: ‘All songs written and recorded using homemade suitcase instruments. All effects, sound treatments and distortions created with suitcase
‘ Aka – shit is wild.

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TesseractT – War Of Being

September 15 // Kscope

To be honest, I was done with Tesseract. I would have never thought to have one of their albums featured in here, since they fall into subjective insignificance after the release of Altered State. Yet here we are, with a damn cool Tesseract album. Feels good.

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Night Verses – Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 1

September 15 // Equal Vision Records

This is just fucking crazy. Night Verses play future music, giving most instrumental prog a run for its money. At this point, I’m so fucking stoked for Part 2.

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Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit

September 15 // 20 Buck Spin

I would like to gush about how fucking great this album is, but the way this band dresses distracts me. How can you focus on the music when they look like a bunch of nerds?

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Mitski – The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

September 15 // Dead Oceans

Mitski is just great. All of her stuff is always just getting better and better, and The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We is one of crowning achievements.

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Lewsberg – Out And About

September 15 // Independent

Here comes the Dutch indie band you’ve never heard about, but I got your back. I didn’t know about Lewsberg, but I’m so very glad I stumbled upon their new album Out and About. It’s a bundle of joy, good songwriting and energy, and I can’t stop listening to it.

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Corinne Bailey Rae – Black Rainbows

September 15 // Thirty Tigers

It’s very rare to experience this kind of energy on a r&b/soul album. You could nearly call it abrasive, but it’s too elegant for that. Anyways – this is fucking phenomenal.

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Cleo Sol – Heaven

September 15 // Forever Living Originals

Quite the opposite of the record I praised above, yet equally beautiful. Heaven is tender and soft, but powerful and inspiring. Listen to that as well.


The Brook & The Bluff – Bluebeard

September 15 // Independent

This is for me, and I hope it can be for you as well. I adore their last two albums a lot, lovin their souly and warm indie pop vibes – with Bluebeard, their new album, they continue to hone their songwriting abilities, putting hits and gems together on this wonderful album.

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KEN mode – VOID

September 22 // Artoffact Records

Shit rips. If you know KEN mode, you know you are in for a treat. If you don’t know KEN mode, get to know them. They rip.

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Laurel Halo – Atlas

September 22 // Awe

The world of Laurel Halo‘s music is a magical realm. It can be a dark forest, you can get easily trapped. Sometimes it feels like everything is moving in an unnatural way – quite disturbing. But there is also grace and wonder to be found, a great beauty lies within its darkness. And there are some particularly smooth jazzy flowers.

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Radian – Distorted Rooms

September 22 // Thrill Jockey Records

So, this Austrian threepiece is wild. Navigating through ambient, electronica, and lofi hip hop beats (amongst other things), Radian create dense atmosphere and wild soundscapes.


Loraine James – Gentle Confrontation

September 22 // Hyperdub

Some of you who are reading this feature for a while might know what qualities I’m looking for in electronica. It’s a field of music with basically endless possibilities, and I love when those possibilities are elegantly hinted at – the richness of electronica, so to say. Loraine James‘ newest record does exactly that – creating intricate and versatile sounds within fascinating songs.

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Grails – Anches En Maat

September 22 // Temporary Residence Ltd.

Grails is one of those projects you just have to be grateful for existing in the first place. And a new album is always a reason to celebrate. Nothing sounds like Grails.

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Rorcal – Silence

September 29 // Humus Records

In a perfect world, Rorcal would need no introduction, because they would be the biggest post-metal band around – but we are living in our reality, and Rorcal still feel like an insider’s tip. Their previous album, Muladona, is probably one of the best post-metal/sludge albums I’ve ever heard, and while Silence might not reach the same heights, it features the band’s trademark heaviness and rich textures.

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Blodet – Death Mother

September 29 // Church Road Records

Hailing from Sweden, Blodet are one hell of a doom outfit, managing to sound old school and modern at the same time. If you wanna listen to just one doom album in 2023, make it this one!

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’68 – Yes, And…

September 29 // Pure Noise Records

Another fanboi moment. At this point, I’m not really into the concept of “being a fan” anymore, because it can cloud your perception of an album (which I consider the most important thing). I saw too many people following and praising artists who haven’t put out good stuff in ages. My very own exception is my extreme Josh Scogin bias – because I love everything he puts out.

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VIBORA – Zaldi Beltza

September 29 // Zegema Beach Records/Through Love Records

Skramz from Spain with Spanish lyrics released by Zegema Beach? Oh Vibora, what have you done, you naughty bunch of people. You know how to swoon my old, rusty heart.

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Say She She – Silver

September 29 // Colemine Records

This came out the same day the new Jorja Smith, and it helped me get over the disappointment. Sure, Silver is another type of r&b/soul, way funkier and a bit more old school, but it gave me everything I so desperately missed on Smith’s newest offering, Thanks, Say She She.

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Molly Burch – Daydreamer

September 29 // Captured Tracks

“To The Boys” is easily one of those songs I never get tired of, so reason enough to follow Molly Burch on her artistic journey. Getting rewarded with Daydreamer checks out. Good stuff, she’s progressing as a songwriter in a great way. Go listen to her.

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miaou – The Only Way To Find You

September 29 // Teto Records

Hard to put into words what this band means to me. Their records, especially Make These Things Alright, All Around Us and The Day Will Come Before Long, have been on my mobile music player (be it old school mp3 player or my phone) for way over 10 years and are absolute staples of my daily listening, and I consider them perfect. Only time will tell if  The Only Way To Find You will get equal treatment, but it’s off to a great start.

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Flooding – Silhouette Machine

September 29 // The Ghost Is Clear Records

Well, that came out of nowhere. I didn’t know this band before this album popped up on my virtual desk, but my oh my, isn’t that absolutely awesome. This trio from Kansas certainly found their pair of red shoes and followed the yellow-brick lane an with unbelievably stunning mix of slowcore, grunge, and post-hardcore. This is crazy good.

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Armand Hammer – We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

September 29 // Fat Possum Records

A THE NOISE OF without a at least a bit of Billy Woods just feels incomplete, don’t you agree? Super stoked to hear him teaming up with Elucid again for another run on Armand Hammer, rap definitely needs this!

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