I don’t like the summer. I don’t like the heat. Let us just get through it with a cool breeze of amazing records, released in June 2023. Ready? Ready!

Pupil Slicer – Blossom

June 2 // Prosthetic Records

Stupidly heavy and so much fun – the predecessor to Pupil Slicer‘s head turner Mirrors once again twists and turns your mind with nu metal-infused mathcore, all while being gorgeously nasty.

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Tigercub – The Perfume of Decay

June 2 // Loosegrove Records

While The Perfume of Decay is missing a smashing hit like “Stop Beating On My Heart”, it’s a step forward in terms in how Tigercub wanna sound – and I really dig this. Heavy grunge meets catchy alt rock, with their strongest collection of songs yet.

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McKinley Dixon – Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?

June 2 // City Slang

On paper, McKinley Dixon should have been one of my favorite hip hop artists for a while now – yet, his material so far never really stuck with me. Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? changed that with elegance and ease, and not only because it has my catnip word jazz in its title. It’s one of the most heartwarming, groovy-smoothy albums of the year, and I can’t get enough.

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Charbel Haber and Fadi Tabbal – Enfin la nuit

June 2 // NAHAL Recordings

Search for a cozy place like your bed or a mountaintop, put this on, and close your eyes. And thank me later.

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Nora Stanley & Benny Bock – Distance of the Moon

June 9 // Colorfield Records

A record smooth as silk and groovy like a bunch of pusher men – Benny Bock released one of my favorite records of last year with Vanishing Act, and Distance of the Moon even puts another level on that. Wonderfully jazzy.


No Lights – Dream Eraser

June 9 // The Ghost Is Clear Records

I fell in love with this little record instantly, and it’s not letting go whatsoever. Dream Eraser is a fantastic and relentless piece of noise rock, full of energy and charisma.

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Squid – O Monolith

June 9 // Warp Records

What a ride. After Squid splashed onto the scene couple of years ago as part of the resurgence of British math rock bands, they immediately became one of my favorite out of the bunch – O Monolith builds upon the post-punk layers they already have and adds more dreaminess on the way.

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feeble little horse – Girl with Fish

June 9 // Saddle Creek

Not many records are as charming as Girl with Fish this year. I can’t think of any, to be honest – feeble little horse mix gazey and noisy rock with sparkling dream pop, and they are so very good at it.

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Neska Lagun – Caos:Calma

June 15 // I.CORRUPT.RECORDS/Carcosa Records/a bunch 0f thers

And the skramz reign is there. After a relatively slow start, there are more and more fantastic skramz albums coming out – Berlin-based Neska Lagun are one of the abolute highlights this year, and if you like skramzy post-hardcore, get on that.

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Caterina Barbieri – Myuthafoo

June 16 // light-years

Another Berlin-based artist, and one I consider one of the coolest electronica musicians currently working. Hypnotic and pulsating, Myuthafoo is an absolute jaw-dropper.

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Azamiah – In Phases

June 16 // Rebecca’s Records

I love jazz with vocals, and when it’s delivered like Azamiah does on In Phases, it’s an extra treat – probably the very best pick you can listen to in terms of spiritual jazz.


Øjne – Sogno #3

June 16 // Through Love Records

Prima Che Tutto Bruci is considered one of the best skramz records in the last years for a reason, so I’m naturally stoked that the band is back with new material. And it slaps like it should.

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Dreaming Maria – The Silence It Left Behind

June 16 // Independent

Did I say skramz? More skramz? All the skramz in the world. I give you that skramz gem. Dreaming Maria, good skramz. SKRAMZ!

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Burner – It All Returns to Nothing

June 23 // Church Road Records

There is nothing original here – it’s crusty, blackened hardcore. But god fucking damn, I rarely listened to a record which punches with that amount of strength, just punches, punches, punches, it fucking never stops. Super good shit.

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Stoneside. – God of the Mountain

June 23 // Independent

This is just such a sleeper hit, it’s kinda crazy. I’ve been digging Stoneside. for a quite a while, and their artsy take on proggy metalcore is one of a kind, maybe only similar to Slice The Cake in their peak. Don’t miss it.


Geese – 3D Country

June 23 // Partisan Records

3D Country just proves once again: you just need to write fucking good songs. Okay, they have a cool sound and a good vocalist – but it’s the collection of good songs full of character that makes this album special!

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June 30 // Golden Antenna Records

Post-rock is a tough genre. It’s relatively easy to create, but most focus on cliches and your typical 101 crescendo. Outstanding bands are very rare. Glad that I can recommend OK WAIT as one of those outstanding bands – WELL was already great, and SIGNAL just stepped up their game!

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Phi-Psonics – Octava

June 30 // Gondwana Records

Gondwana and jazz is a match made in heaven – they brought us GoGo Penguin, who were the hottest jazz act around a while ago. With Phi-Psonics, they once again released an outstanding project into the wild. I’m jazzed up.

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Divide and Dissolve – Systemic

June 30 // Invada

There is nothing like Divide and Dissolve. And Systemic is simply breathtaking.

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East Of The Wall  – A Neutral Second

June 30 // Translation Loss Records

There is a bunch of post-metal bands that are fucking phenomenal, but under the radar – Mountaineer comes to mind, as well as Swiss titans Rorcal. East Of The Wall haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve, but maybe A Neutral Second can change that. And if not – your loss.

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Ostraca – Disaster

June 30 // Skeletal Lightning

And the skramz gods strike again! On top of everything, we’ve got a new Ostraca records – and those guys always deliver. Great stuff.

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Loma Prieta – Last

June 30 // Deathwish

Skramz overload? No! MORE MORE MORE! Loma Prieta are back, stronger than ever!

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The Japanese House – In the End It Always Does

June 30 // Dirty Hit

2023 is better year with a new The Japanese House album – her last one got an entry on our AOTY list, and I hope that this one does that as well. It’s a delicate and very empowering record, full of great lyrics and fantastic songwriting. What’s not to love?

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Bdrmm – I Don’t Know

June 30 // Rock Action Records

Just listen how that record sounds!

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