Being a city well known for its punk and metal scene, you probably wouldn’t have (at least at one time) taken Richmond, Virginia as a home to exceptional acts within the shoegaze vein. But if there’s one thing that the last few years or more have proven, it’s that this musical melting pot metropolis is full of surprises. Amongst plenty of upcoming, notable acts making names for themselves throughout and beyond the river city, one particular bunch has quickly found their way on my radar as of recent, composing a unique brand of alternative, gritty shoegaze crossed over with hints of pop and post rock. Today, we welcome Glossing as this week’s Weekly Featured Artist!

Formed over 2020 and primarily active starting in 2021, Glossing can be defined to some as something of a supergroup of individual RVA musicians known for historically quality acts. Including members of Armagideon TimeShy, LowBirds For Eyes, and Dead Format, the members might be recognizable to some familiar with RVA’s music scene dating at far back as about 2016. But nonetheless, regardless of what any of these names do or don’t mean to you, Glossing are a breath of fresh air to the scene that deserve immediate attention of all fans of good, alternative music. Just as riffy as it is dreamy, their debut self-titled EP presents a mass of great potential.

Coincidentally, the first track is actually titled “Potential”. Like something right out of a late ’90s or early 2000s fever dream, the track features beautiful, soaring vocal melodies, with a Deftones-meets-Cranberries finesse to the guitar and bass work, and drum beats that really bring the hand work back into the fold. The blend takes you back to the ‘good old days‘ of original alternative music, while reminding you of its modernity. This is a song that is easy to listen back over a few times or so before you even realize how hooked you already are.

Next up on the tracklist is my personal favorite, “I Don’t Need You”. Keeping with that late ’90s flair, this song is one I expect to hear as a mainstream hit in the near future. Or even if not quite mainstream, it could at least be the band’s ‘one hit wonder’ so to speak. I mean that in the best way possible, as I remember an era of the radio where, after you got past that cycle of Top 40s, overly replayed, worn-to-the-ground hits of any given mainstream name, you’d get this fresh gem every once in awhile that, even if they played it a bit more than you cared for on the local alternative station, it still stuck with you. Eventually, you’d end up looking it up when you got home from work that day.

I remember that specifically happening to me with names such as Gotye and The Gaslight Anthem, which made me perhaps a little shameful to not have heard of either before they were popping off on radio stations, but at the end of the day – you find it how you find it, yeah? But, I digress. None of this is to say I think Glossing is or ever would be a ‘one hit wonder’, but the sound and style they have in just this EP alone far exceeds any reputation of just being another local treasure to RVA. As cool as it is to know a band this massive and well-composed is from my own hometown, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them become one of the new faces of modern rock music in the next few years or so.

Nothing wrong with simply existing in the underground, too, of course. But, I guess the best way to summarize all the above is that I have high faith that Glossing is going places and will continue to, so long as they keep at it. Either way, they are yet another act to have earned their way into the Fisher King Records roster, further proving the label’s reputation of giving home to exceptional acts in and around the Richmond, Virginia region and elsewhere. Engineered and mixed by Pedro Aida with Audio Verite, and mastered Andreas Magnusson, this 3-track work of art is something you’ll want to check out ASAP!

As taken from the artist description on Fisher King Records‘ website:

With those questions out of way, Glossing started at the end of 2020 when Case Graham (vocals and guitar) and James Hoffer (guitar) were hanging out on Case’s porch and decided to start a band. The original plan was to start a more traditional shoegaze band and to look for other members based on that. Within days of that meeting, Taimir Gore (guitar), Zak Bryant (bass) and Sage Maxwell (drums) agreed to join. The newly formed band had their first practice in January 2021 and spent most of the year writing, finally playing their first show on December 13, 2021 at The Camel in Richmond, Virginia.

Even with such a simple conception as a collective, the five-piece work together with an expert level of chemistry. The three songs featured on their debut EP not only show promise to the ‘bright future‘ mentioned in their artist description, but an overall solidarity and cohesion within their work that feels completely natural and just…meant to be, if you will. Even if Glossing goes on to release one full-length and then sadly breaks up a year later (a sad trend we’ve seen with acts this great before, unfortunately…), what they will have left behind will still be among some of the coolest music I’ve personally ever heard to come from the East Coast. No matter what happens beyond this EP and any release thereafter, this band was meant to happen; Somehow some way.

The real question here is, though, were you meant to hear this band, or learn about them? This author certainly believes so. With that said, you best find your way over to their Bandcamp to stream and purchase their self-titled EP, and keep up with the band and all associated news via their InstagramGlossing will both bless your ears and tug at your heart strings, all in the most careful and enlightening ways possible!

Glossing is…

Case Graham – vocals, guitar
James Hoffer – guitar
Taimir Gore – guitar
Zak Bryant – bass
Sage Maxwell – drums



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