Underground hip-hop superstar R.A.P. Ferreira pays homage to legendary poet Bob Kaufman with the stellar Bob’s Son.

Release date: January 1, 2021 | Ruby Yacht | Twitter | Bandcamp

I’m at a point in time where I really don’t think R.A.P. Ferreira knows what bad or boring music is. He certainly doesn’t seem to be capable of creating any. I have been a fan of just about everything the self-made sensation has done since the absolutely untouchable So The Flies Don’t Come, and at this point I consider him one of the most consistent artists in my regular rotation. Whether it comes to you in the form of miloScallops HotelNostrum Grocers, or any other name, you know to expect something otherworldly when Rory Allen Philip Ferreira steps into the studio. Dedicating an album the legendary beatnik poet Bob Kaufman and harnessing his energy is enough for even this illustrious man to level up.

At any time I could put on any album Ferreira has touched and be satisfied. To consider Bob’s Son or really any of his music just hip-hop feels like a discredit to it. This album is so much more than just rap music. It’s sharing a good piece of poetry with a close friend at a quiet coffee shop. There is something magical about the philosophical bars of Ferreira that can leave you with a head full of thoughts on any given day. Pair that with some humbling, personable, and more down to Earth lines on any given track and the genius of Bob’s Son comes into focus.

This is an album that is good for about any setting. Looking for something deep to get lost in? Put on some good headphones and dive in to how damn clever Ferreira is. He is confident in his proclamation that he is a wordsmith, and you would be hard-pressed to find a hip-hop artist that can spin words like the Black Orpheus himself. Kenny Segal has also lent his touch to Bob’s Son, which is guaranteed to elevate a decent album to a great one. In this case, it elevates that already great one to an exceptional one. Maybe you just want something cool to listen to while you chill and get stoned or play a good video game? The warm production and steady flow of Bob’s Son is perfectly fine to just nod along and use to accentuate any other activity.

While the Jefferson Park Boys aren’t credited on this album as they were Purple Moonlight Pages, the jazzy accompaniment to Bob’s Son is just as prominent and soulful. Live bass, drums, and keys give the newest brainchild of Ferreira a sense of life a lot of music in this world fails to find. The dedication to his craft, and the desire to have it perceived as poetry and genuine art is something I have always applauded. The voiceover of Kaufman on “skrenth” detailing the OG origins of rap is pretty much the whole philosophy behind Ferreira’s work, and I think that layer is something that elevates him beyond anyone else in hip-hop. I would call them his peers, but he has none.

Music isn’t a game and it isn’t about money to Ferreira. If it was about cash, he would never have lived in a storage shed and continued to dedicate himself to music. This man owns and operates the only record store in his city, and it’s mainly a vessel to promote underground hip-hop as well as a base for the Ruby Yacht label. That label exists itself almost exclusively so he can oversee every aspect of his own releases, including packing up and shipping out his own music. That level of dedication to the craft seeps into the essence of his music itself and makes a world of difference.

Personally, I think Bob’s Son is a continuation of Purple Moonlight Pages that feels even more focused. The first album under the R.A.P. Ferreira moniker was a bit more whimsical and felt more explorative into this more soulful and funky style. This further venture feels even more thought out and decisive. This could be because of the dedication to Kaufman, as it uses the same jazzy syncopation in its delivery that Kaufman was known for. The quintessential ‘jazz poet’, Ferreira easily could be perceived as a natural progression and continuation of Kaufman’s work. This is something that extends beyond being a music album. This is art to study and dissect for years to come. It is power put to words to recite in the streets. This is music at the most pure it can be; pure art made to be imbibed as such.

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