It’s really hard to beat the simplicity of a hard alt/garage rock banger with robust guitars, uncompromised and raw vocals, and a big drum sound that could prove to be damaging without hearing protection. The kind of loud shit that doesn’t get old and plays on your most primal instincts while retaining superb melody and catchiness. That’s exactly the kind of thing Italy’s TSO seemed to have had in mind when they wrote “Constraint”.

A single from their forthcoming album, Hellcare, “Constraint” is a massive clinic in economic rock that packs a lot into a little. The sub-three-minute song is punchy, fun, and evocative when paired with the video. This is a good taste of things to come from their new album which comes out independently on February 9 of next year. Let’s take a look/listen!

The video and song have some mad touches, in both senses of the word. Vocals are pronounced and inescapable with emotion, the guitars carry nice and heavy melodies through the song pulling back for the chorus to lighten things up, and the drums get some menacing strikes in their slow and deliberate pacing to keep the power and pace going. “Constraint” is a strong rock song from TSO, calling forth very favorable comparisons to KEN mode or Cave In.

Some anxious and downcast lighting and coloring help make the video an off-putting affair, juxtaposing shots of the trio giving it their all with some of the lyrics scrawled on a wall or the foreground of the video, or manic digging through dirt and worms to find various foreboding objects. It matches the song’s high energy and sick tone, designating TSO as the barons of their own mad world.

This is exciting stuff – if you agree, you might wanna keep things locked to TSO and their Bandcamp as more information is sure to release for Hellcare over time. Reminder: it comes out on February 9, 2024. You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram as well. In their honor, why don’t we break free from our constraints and get a little wild with things?

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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