If you’ve ever endured a loss or separation of any sort, it may feel difficult not only to process the emotions this sort of tragedy can bring about, but finding a means of expressing them can compound that complication even further. Lucky for us, there are artists who have such a vivid way of capturing these emotions and manifesting a form of release so powerful and adequate, we can find solace in their work. Let us not forget, artists are human too, even if their expressive mastery is considered something of a super power – they experience these things, too. Relatability and release can be two factors we look for in times of grief, and with today’s premiere, The Mon, whose very own Urlo also fronts psych/doom institution Ufomammut, offers those willing to listen with just that, in “Secret”.

A track as haunting as it is eerily relieving, the atmosphere expands far and wide with only a fairly narrow range of timbre. Creating so much with seemingly so little, the song will instantly put you into an introspective trance. Even without knowing the specifics of the subject matter in vocalist and main songwriter Urlo’s lyricism, the layered vocals, decadent guitar and bass, and synth stabs throughout the track’s progression set the tone for an embodiment of emotional devastation. Somehow, the very essence generated by deep feelings of sadness tend to work as tools to craft the exact opposite effect of healing or coping with them as well; The Mon‘s “Secret” makes no exception to this theory, as it allures the senses from start to finish.

‘”Secret” is a song about friendship, loss, separation. I imagined all this as a galaxy in which our emotions become stars, waterfall of colors, lights in which we lose ourselves. In this period I’m preparing The Mon‘s live shows and I’ve worked a lot on the configuration of my pedalboard. One evening, looking at all those lights turning on and off, I thought they were a small galaxy, a pocket universe from which sounds and emotions filter. And I tried to take close-ups, discovering a hidden world that perfectly reflected “Secret”.

Needless to say, The Mon successfully paints visual and sonic forms of pure emotion, tapping deep into the soul with layers of atmospheric experimentation and fully enveloping the listener into another world. Here, they are able to sit with these emotions and have them transformed into a more metaphoric sense, ultimately heightening their understanding of self. Or, at the very least, after about 5 listens in a row of “Secret”, that’s just about where I found myself. The video provides a nice dream sequence that the audio previously painted mere speculated interpretations of, filling in the blanks if you will. Through this video, we get to understand the mind of The Mon a little more ourselves.

“Secret” is but one of many tracks featured on EYE, which was released as the second album by The Mon through Supernatural Cat Records in May of 2023. Featuring the likes of Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra), Sarah Pendleton (SubRosa, The Otolith), and David W. (White Hills), the ‘heavy dark electronic folk’ audible journey through the deep recesses of the human mind is sure to flow serendipitously through your brain waves. Be sure to redefine your spiritual boundaries and find a new sense of nirvana through EYE via Bandcamp! Be sure to also catch The Mon on tour with Ufomammut at any of the dates listed below!

The Mon live:

12.10. – Teatro Linguaggi Creativi – Milano (I)
13.10. – Raindogs – Savona (I)
22.10. – Freakout – Bologna (I)


29/10. Samhain festival – Maastricht (NL)
30/10. Feierwerk – Munich (DE)
04/11. Sonic Rites – Helsinki (FI)
15/11. Mostovna – Nova Gorica (SLO)
16/11. Arena – Wien (AT)
17/11. Turbina – Budapest (HU)
18/11. Stadtwerkstatt – Linz (AT)
19/11. Kamienna – Krakow (PL)
20/11. Hydrozagadka – Warsaw (PL)
21/11. Kabinet Muz – Brno (CZ)
22/11. Club 007 Strahov – Prague (CZ)
23/11. Cassiopeia – Berlin (DE)
24/11. Hafenklang – Hamburg (DE)
25/11. 4AD – Diksmuide (BE)
26/11. GeBAude 9 – Koln (DE)
27/11. P8 – Karlsruhe (DE)
29/11. Effenaar – Eindhoven (NL)
30/11. Le Bulle – Lille (FR)
01/12. Petit Bain – Paris (FR)
02/12. La Poudriere – Belfort (FR)
03/12. Old Capitol-Langenthal (CH)



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