Instrumental proggy riff rockers, Sons of Alpha Centauri have returned with a brand new video for their second single ‘Solar Storm’, taken from the album Continuum. And Everything is Noise is lucky enough to have the exclusive premiere.

The video’s road-trip opening is the ideal match for the hard gritty sounds of ‘Solar Storm’, and as demonstrated from there on in, no self-respecting rock band with progressive leanings could possibly pass on the opportunity to don their instruments and jam in an outdoor setting. To give away any more would be to spoil the fun, so see for yourself! Loving all those colors though.

Of this new video, the band has this to say:

‘Solar Storm’ is the cumulative blend of fast, slow, heavy, progressive styles of SOAC all encapsulated within a five-minute adrenaline shot. Working with Simon Risbridger on this video was awesome, as he completely understands our visual aesthetic and secluded introspective approach. We wanted the video to represent the different segments and styles within the track as part of the journey. It has been highly stylized with multiple references and subliminal messages. Embark the journey and embrace the storm!

‘Embrace’ indeed, as fans of this song are encouraged to immediately check out the full length Continuum album, the second feature release from Sons of Alpha Centauri. The record is a varied, passionate, sometimes loud and sometimes beautiful instrumental journey, which is also full of surprises. ‘Solar Storm’ is but a morsel of what the rest of Continuum gives you. So don’t miss out!

Continuum is available to hear in its entirety, along with other Sons of Alpha Centauri releases on the band’s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For merch, tour dates and other news, visit their Official Facebook page.

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