Lilly Legit is a three-member group from Osnabrück, Germany, founded in 2014. The band consists of Benjamin Günther, Nils Weber, and Aaron Deux. Using influences from math rock, indie, and modern jazz styles, they experiment with mostly instrumental tracks. Their upcoming release “Slingshot” is a peacefully hectic track that includes e-drums, percussion, piano, and synths. It was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Günther in his home studio. The track is set to be officially released on May 22.

According to the band, the song takes inspiration from the main themes of TV and streaming services. It starts out with a catchy piano riff and drums, the former of which transitions into a similar part on the synth. The song has a call-and-response feel going on between the piano and the synth, alternating between the two. Things build up halfway through to include synthesized effects. Following this build-up, the song drops off and returns to the peaceful piano riff. The huge contrast between these sections is surprising and satisfying. Building up again with the drums and synth, the song plays out and ends on a sole synth line.

Speaking about the new track, Günther said:

It’s a weird combination of some older synths sounds, a Latin influenced piano theme and a heavy electronica part. I feel like I somehow managed to create a track where everything comes together but it doesn’t feel forced.

Lilly Legit work to create inventive and experimental tracks from their own home studio. Their new single “Slingshot” takes on a more electronic sound, similar to the group’s earlier music. More about Lilly Legit and their upcoming projects can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Pre-order the song on Bandcamp for full listening services!

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