Puppets always make everything better. Anytime a puppet is talking I give it my full attention and consider every word that puppet tells me. What these puppets told me was they have a solution for societal pressures and its useless point system we’re all burdened by day in and day out in this modern hellish nightmare of existence. The puppets fucking lied (they always do), however, what we get in return is a very formative 4 piece retro tinged alt-rock college-punk outfit that knows how to turn the fuck up. HOT MASS generate such an infectious energy on their tracks, and “Shine On” is no different.

I couldn’t help but smirk when I heard the lead in. The kinda crusty/kinda clean guitar work with the bratty vocal delivery and rollicking percussion give off such a positive sunny day aggression that it’s hard for any listener to reject the endorphins these dudes are throwing at us. Nothing goes over the top, nothing in excess, and nothing unpleasant rears its ugly head. These dudes have really found a sound that’s engaging and just good aggressive fun.

The video harkens back to the old days of yore, feeling exactly like something you’d see on early pre-internet music television, yet avoids devalue and keeps it light enough to just let loose. Obviously if this band is using puppets, the shit rocks, and even though those puppets lied (never forget) they do seem to be enjoying the track as much as I did, so everything works out in the end.

The rest of their sophomore release Happy, Smiling, and Living The Dream (out now, streaming everywhere) continues the aggressive-yet-cozy vibe with everything just coming off as a comfortable party, where the conversation is lively, the moshing is friendly, and the beer is plentiful.  If this track tickles your fancy, giving your time to the rest of their effort will not disappoint, as I’m not even sure these guys would even consider disappointment as an option!  Feel free to get fucking wild with HOT MASS on their Facebook, buy some merch on Bandcamp, and play their pro-puppet video until your heart’s content above!



"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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