Nearly 38 years ago to the date, Italian guitarist and electronic experimentalist Eraldo Bernocchi formed the anti-band punk/noise/avant-garde project Sigillum S launching a career that would take the engineer turned punk musician into new heights of unconventional music, soundtracks and advertising, and sound design. His career has seen him work with a diverse array of collaborators including jazz musicians, minimalist composer Harold Budd, members of the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Napalm Death, Cocteau Twins, rappers Sensational and Spectre, and even the Dalai Lama himself.

His newest album, Sabi, is his second collaboration project with Tangerine Dream‘s hoshiko yamane, fusing acoustic and electronic instruments into lush, haunting soundscapes. Below is the premiere of the third single from Sabi, “Freefall”

“Freefall” features pulsating synths and a sorrowful violin that percolate and inflate the soundscape in a cinematic meditation. It is as if an intense chase scene in a Giallo film was superimposed into a somber moment of reflection in a samurai epic. Bernocchi’s patches are a blend of saw waves, pulses and hypnotic sequences while Yamane deftly draws every emotional breath from her violin.

‘Sabi’ is a Japanese aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of impermanence and decay. Sabi, the album, takes these themes of meditation, reverence, melancholy, and nostalgia as inspiration for their minimalist compositions. The album is haunting, hopeful, beautiful, and reflective that will surely appeal to fans of ambient, electronic, and experimental music.

Sabi releases on December 15th on Denovali – you can preorder below on Bandcamp.

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