The emotional connection that we as humans can form with art is what drives many of us to volunteer our time to express our connection to the music that we love here at Everything Is Noise. One of the most tangible feelings that one can feel is sadness and one of the best vehicles for that range of emotions, at least within the realm of metal, is doom. Yes, the subgenre that one could argue is named after a feeling. Today, we’re happy to bring you a song that takes a relatable context and expresses that feeling through the filter of funeral doom metal.

“The Hours” is the second track from the forthcoming album Rot of the Soul by Netherlands’ own Angmodnes. The band has expressed that this song is meant to be a protracted expression of something that we can all relate to; the complexity of guilt being layered on top of the already debilitating effects of depression:

‘“The Hours’” is the second track off our new album Rot of the Soul. It deals with the difficulty of getting through the day when you’re suffering from depression and feel utterly defeated. Paralyzed by the painful awareness of not being able to function, you withdraw from the outside world in resentful lethargy, and all you can do is watch the hours go by as the guilt creeps in.’

The palpable gloom of this song is something that is so charmingly empathetic and resonant. The way that this song lingers just long enough on each motif and idea before evolving to the next stage is the epitome of great doom metal songwriting. The dynamics between the harsh and clean vocals, melodies, thundering drum parts, and those lurching, glacial riffs which reverberate endlessly throughout the songs near twelve minute runtime make this song a textured emotional expression that represents the best of the genre. The bombastic production is also a complement to the tone of the song and everything sounds simply amazing. Angmondes sound truly rich throughout this song, and the video’s tone is pitch perfect.

Angmodnes‘ Rot of the Soul will be available March 1 and as someone who has listened to this record more than a few times, let me tell you that this one is going to be a doom highlight of the year and will certainly resonate with fans of the genre. Be sure follow the band on Facebook and Instagram and head over to their Bandcamp page and get the album ordered so you can hear the entire thing upon release!

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