Odeur are a brand new Finnish artist whose debut album Voyage au paradis des champignons (‘Journey to mushroom paradise’) is coming out March 29. Odeur have crafted a hypnotic ambient drone fusion with some dark IDM undertones.

We are so excited to premiere not only the new single from their upcoming album, but the first publicly available song from the band anywhere! So join us for this sneak peek as we delve into a mushroom hunter’s search for the perfect spot and get lost in the woods of this hazy atmospheric soundscape.

“Plan de conquête” (‘Plan of Conquest’) begins with a wobbly sort of windy shroud of noisy rainfall before drums join in a pitter-patter heartbeat. Elements are added layer by layer floating into the mix. Over time the fog intensifies as the sonic stew thickens. Ingredients seamlessly added so they appear to have been there the whole time. Towards the end of the journey everything swells and swells to bursting in a climactic swirl before being stripped away to once again return to the simple heartbeat of drums and meandering ambient undertones. The song can be heard as a form of deconstructed trance which forces a focus on subtleties as they develop over time.

The video’s hallucinatory kaleidoscopic fingers accompanying the aural melting pot bring to mind an undulating flower or perhaps tab of mescaline. Which given the album’s title and theme further extend the hazed out drug induced otherworldly feel of the syrupy droning ambient track as it takes its sweet time slowly oozing forward over its ten minute runtime.

Follow Odeur on Facebook, pre-order Voyage au paradis des champignons on Bandcamp here, and look for the tape release via Machine Tribe Recordings on March 31.

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