Hey you! Yeah, you! I bet you like cool music, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article or even be on this site for that matter. Well, today we have a cool thing to share with you from Dangerface: it’s their entire new album Be Damned! a few days ahead of time. If you’ve heard the term ‘scandi rock’ thrown around in the last few years, it has probably been directed at bands such as LÜT or Kveltertak. While this is a loose connection to our featured band Dangerface there are some definite similarities in their punk rock energy and attitude, guitar-forward production, and melodic riffing.

The promise of rock and roll frankly holds little these days. It seems that the mid-ranged aggression of the yesteryear has had a hard time finding a foothold with many feeling the attraction to opposite ends of the intensity scale. Some people are more drawn to extremes of metal while others enjoy the light sensibilities of Top 40 tracks and as mainstream music becomes closer to an amalgam of all of the styles at once, rock has had a hard time getting noticed. I’m sure there are other reasons as well but I think the lack of actual excitement in this camp has proven to be one of the bigger problems. Well it seems that Dangerface have noticed this and are ready to kick the shit out of that excuse. Be Damned! is a jolt of pure adrenaline and joy that doesn’t hold back enthusiasm in the slightest.

The initial notes of “The Lord Hates a Quitter” initiate this record with a classic intro filled with bendy riffs, crashing cymbals and punky gang vocals that underpin the acerbic tone that continues throughout the rest of the album. I personally wanted to start kicking doors and flipping tables but since I was at work when I heard this album for the first time, I had to refrain.  Regardless, this band doesn’t sacrifice precision on the altar of aggression. Songs flow and ebb with punchy dynamic breakdowns, triumphant riffs – like near the end of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” – and all of this imbues the album with cohesion without getting stale or repetitive.

As with all good albums, there are fun surprises to be uncovered as well. One of the aspects that jumped out at me is just how much Dangerface loves hardcore. “It’s Alive” digs its heels in and swings for the fences with some mathy moments that feel right at home on this album. Moving from punk-influenced rock to rock-influenced hardcore seems to be done with panache. While the band take their craft seriously they still like having a good time (just look at the song titles) and all of this comes through loudly on Be Damned! With ten songs of pure serotonin this is an album that begs to be spun again and again. Driving? Put this on but you’d better set the cruise control. At the gym? Tell your spotter you may not need them today. I’ve gushed long enough, check out the album in full below.

Like a powder keg erupting in an avalanche of volcanoes, isn’t it? Be sure to follow the band over on Facebook and you can order your copy of Be Damned! through a variety of outlets to make sure you get your copy in the desired format. Go get yourself one and jam it loud.

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