Everyone should know how absolutely darling No Lights are by now. The San Francisco foursome’s blend of post-punk, with indie ‘00s guitar rock is a breath of fresh air into a genre that seems to have been fading for a while. Their debut Dream Eraser, which impressed the hell out of this reviewer, stays a high-point of this summer’s batch of releases, and hasn’t lost any of its shine whatsoever.

The album operates as connective tissue between the various influences the San Francisco gents pull from, and with a rolodex of influences that they display effectively. Acting as a contrast to their brash-butt-still-cool side, the title track from their debut “Dream Eraser” shows their more introspective side, and leans in heavy on their post-punk and introspective influences. Rather than their typical shape shifting nature, No Lights keep it chill until the end, and the track feels as cool as a gust of morning air.

The visuals pair nicely with this vibe. An ever-transitioning collage of vintage footage from past decades bleed and melt into one another, as large white text flashes to continuously ask you ‘WHAT MAKES YOU AFRAID?’ It’s a trippy effect that allows the post-punk psychedelia the quartet developed on the track to take mainstage. It’s a wonderful introduction to a band that absolutely deserves your attention if you haven’t familiarized yourself, do yourself a favor and check out their debut here, give their socials a follow below, and read my review linked above.

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"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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