Sometimes you just need a smooth-ass adventure to realign yourself against the woes of the world. A good drive, nice weather, and of course good music are common options to calibrate your mindmeat. Today’s exceptional premiere from Killer Kaya has all of that and more with their video for “Mortal Woman Mystical World”.

This throwback act gets quite a bit right with their representation of sunny day psychedelia. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, this five piece connects the spectral dots between all the right pieces to make it work. It’s interesting how the groovy psychedelia with leanings towards jazz and jam band territory intertwine itself with the harmonic and ethereal vocals. It all oozes out at a comfortable pace, and unravels with an odd warmth. When things pick up pace, and the jam band leanings soon reflect more stoner rock territory, and the vocals fade out for the rest of the band to do their work and take it to its end. It’s all mystical with some dark spots here or there that invite intrigue.

The video directed by Alfonso Trejos depicts a couple of mystics getting into magical shenanigans then taking a smooth and dreamy psychedelic drive that reaches its conclusion in the depths of the groovy wandering cosmos. It’s a fair representation of what to expect out of Killer Kaya. I’m interested to dig in further. I hope it all feels like the cosmic hug that this did.

If you like what you heard and saw here, check out Killer Kaya on their Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram, and listen to their latest effort Tunnel At The End of the Light released on Boot Scootin Records this past October.



"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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