There’s something to be said about music that can feel like a specific scenario. If a musician can achieve reminding the listener of a specific time or feeling in their life, then that artist is delivering engaging and effective art.

“The Promise” comes off as one of these scenarios, delivering sultry singularity and unraveled emotion. Something about this track just oozes lonesome remembrance, and wailing wonder. Kaarst does a fantastic job making the listener feel like they’re driving down some lonesome road letting thoughts and feelings reflect and dissipate into the enshrouding dark. The minimalist production gives a lot of space for each sound to illuminate before it cycles to the back as if a lighthouse is shining on various elements as some desolate vessel makes its way to shore.

With lustful uneasiness, pulsating synth mimics an alarm or some sort of warning and drags the percussion along behind it before a harrowing electronic melody gleams beautifully, and stays in focus for just the right amount of time until it’s swallowed entirely by the wailing reverb haunting the entire track.  Sam’s vocal delivery is particularly sultry, and filled with steam. Whispering, wandering, low volume confessions evaporate into the ethereal with every line that’s delivered.

The music video smartly utilizes bare bones production of a low lit spotlight illuminating some nameless figure that croons into a microphone. The overall essence provides compelling visuals that accompany the music well, and perpetuates the loneliness the track exudes.

Crucible will be releasing the full Kaarst EP later this year on a date TBD, and I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear what else is in store if “The Promise” is of any indication where the project may explore. This taste was rather delectable. Check out the artist’s Instagram and the label’s Facebook for more!



"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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