South Jersey’s Deeply Woven are back with new material! The quartet, which plays a mixture of jazz and prog rock/metal, have a new song, “The Unending Thread”, premiering right here on Everything Is Noise!

Haven’t heard of Deeply Woven yet? We got you covered!

In 2014, guitarist and songwriter Jorge Torres teamed up with drummer Stephen Wilson in order to explore and refine their sound. It only was a matter of time until they completed their lineup as a full band with Sean Wallace on bass and guitarist Shawn Hadid. Performing multiple shows, the band honed their musicianship and self-recorded their very first EP Deeply Woven. The EP, released in 2018, got mixed and mastered by Adam Bently of Arch Echo offering Deeply Woven a great sound! On Deeply Woven, the band redefined their music in between acts like Chon, Plini, and The Contortionist. Now, we see new music on Deeply Woven‘s horizon; a song called “The Unending Thread”!

“The Unending Thread”

The track starts with warm and clean guitars, an earthy bass sound, and clearly produced drums. As soon as the guitars distort, it immediately gets groovy. There are some fancy progressive twists that make this song an appealing and interesting listening experience. Whilst the band is instrumental, there are great melody lines within the lead guitar that make out for it. The song profits from its drive and the good tempo that keeps one moving to it subconsciously. It really works with great dynamics, especially the short jazzy interruptions which are really fun to listen to. In conclusion, “The Unending Thread” manages to amaze throughout its five minutes of playtime and is a worthy follow-up after the band’s EP.

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