This is a wild ride. Anytime some sort of chaotic noise reaches our dear old EIN team there’s always a shortlist of folks interested. I’m always at the top of that list because I thoroughly enjoy and champion chaotic energy. Fortunately, BÄRLIN, out of Lille, France love chaos just as much as I do.  One listen, and look at their premiere for “State of Fear” takes you on a wild ride that infuses post-punk, with Nick Cave simmer, garage rock, and….Jazz (WHAT THAT CLARINET DO).

There’s something almost sinister how Clement Barber’s low baritone croon writhes slowly all over the dusty instrumentation that delivers enough umph to put most garage rock bands to shame. It’s utterly amazing, curiosity invoking, and immediately listenable.

The video exemplifies their chaotic cool, with footage from live shows woven into Barber being dragged away by…His other bandmates Laurent and Simon? I don’t know, and honestly don’t really care either because all of it just works. Icy to the touch, tough on he exterior, and a wild as fuck clarinet solo gives this wonderfully unhinged trio the cherry on top of the sundae they threw against the wall.

Feel free to enjoy their wild energy above, preorder their upcoming release State of Fear on their Bandcamp and hit a follow or two on their socials below.

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"I'm the Osiris of this shit" -Russel Tyrone Jones

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